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"My People are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge....''


Hosea 4:6


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Simple Free Online Bible Courses

The Bible was never meant to be complicated or as some like to put it “deep”. It is a Fathers love letter of instructions to His children. It unlocks centuries of hidden secrets and mysteries of what was, what is and what is to come. Truths that are hidden for us, not from us.

Jesus himself shared the keys to unlock such secrets. How do the children undertake such a task? They do it through seeking, knocking, asking and searching with their whole hearts. Our free online bible courses can help you do just that.


Join me as we take a journey through these free online bible courses and get to know our Father's heartfelt plan.



At Teach Dat Bible Girl, we cover a range of free online bible courses across all levels of Christianity for all.


We have this silly notion that no matter where you are in your spiritual race that there is still room to learn and grow.

 Our powerpoint, free online bible  courses are informal, no tests or certifications. We are sure that life itself will issue you a closed book, multiple choice test.

Our intention is not to make you a bible scholar. However, we do want to get you on a path to biblical literacy so that you can prove what the will of God is for your life and the lives of your family members. 

 Join us as we continually add to our free online bible courses roster.


"I'm just a city girl in a crazy world."

I gave my life to Jesus on a greyhound bus in 1982 (that's probably before some of you were born).

Years later, I was teaching medical billing and coding classes when the Lord spoke to me and said He wanted me to teach free online bible courses on the things He had taught me from the bible. Well I love to teach but I was looking at retirement in a few years, so I didn't just jump at the opportunity.

In fact, I did what any Prophet with a teaching gift would do - I went into a drag my feet, procrastination mode. Yep sure did.  Still, that was actually a step up from what I did when the Lord told me I was called to be a Prophet.

You see,  I read my bible and I knew that the Prophets in the bible went through some extreme challenges.  They had intense rejection, sufferings, trials, beheadings, haters, isolation, people trying to kill them etc. Quite frankly,  none of that was on my bucket list. At first, I tried to just ignore the call on my life. Maybe if I act like it doesn't exist, then it will go away.

The problem with that was that the Lord kept sending people to me who would look at me and call me a Prophet. So then I decided to extend my vacation in the cave (that's a story for another time).

However, the Lord kept speaking to me about teaching and finally being obedient, 

Teach Dat Bible Girl, our free online bible courses was born.

THE 411

At the heart of everything that we do is our commitment to point our students to the Master Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit himself.

He is the one who knows all things and can lead you into your own personal curriculum.  It is our prayer that your reliance on Him to lead you and guide you into all truth and open the scriptures to you intensifies.


Our dependence on Him is absolute and without Him, we have nothing to say.

Teach Dat Bible Girl has a strong passion, a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment to help you with your bible study. We are appreciative for this opportunity to do so.


We invite you to explore our free online bible courses and our entire site.


Bible Text

Free Online Bible course 1

Tips For Understanding Your Bible That You Absolutely Cannot Miss

Always wished you were a bible scholar? Or just that you understood what you read in the bible? Well this free online bible course won't make you a scholar but it will give you insight on what you are reading in the bible.


Learn word patterns and principles. Master the power of three words and what they mean. Find out how the bible defines itself and create your own Bible dictionary. Project a confidence in the Word of God.


Start your learning journey and no longer read page after page with no comprehension.

Companion Guide - Bible Dictionary


Free Online Bible Course 2





Do you ever feel like your prayers bounce off the ceiling and hit the floor?Or are you hoping, wishing, begging and pleading that God will answer your prayers?


God's word takes the guess work out of prayer. Learn how you can get God's attention everytime you pray. Recieving answers to prayer is not as hard as you think.


Overcome these challenges and more as you uncover the steps to take that can revolutionize your prayer life.

Companion Guide - Prayer Journal


Free Online Bible Course 3

Jesus said this is the

KEY that you must understand  immediately.

This free online bible course explores what the devil is really after and the tactics and strategies that he uses to try and take it.


The devil is not after your marriage, your children, your career or even your piece of mind. He comes for one thing and if he gets that then all the rest will follow.


You will learn the tactics that you need to thwart his plans and to increase in your spiritual growth.


Through these free online bible courses you will understand why Jesus thought it was so important for you to process this first.


Companion Guide - Workbook

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