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A Gangsta Woman in the Bible

Updated: May 1, 2021

You know you are gangsta when you take a tent peg and drive it through a man’s temple and into the ground while he sleeps. The ease in which this woman did such an act, makes you second guess going to sleep in her presence. They say it's those quiet ones that will get you everytime. A cold blooded murderer. Yet she is praised and blessed for killing Israel’s enemy.

Thank God for the beautiful Esthers, the virgin Marys and the prayerful Hannahs, but God has some gangsta jobs to be done that take a gangsta woman to do it. That's why we can't say who the Lord will or will not use. The bible is full of people who God used who didn't measure up in the eyes of religous people. One of our greatest tests will be to love people where they are and not try to change them into our image.

If you are a gangsta woman, you are welcome in the family! The Lord needs you! Surrender to Him and let the Lord use you!

Jael was her name and you can find her story in Judges 4th and 5th chapters.

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