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You believe that your flaws, errors, weaknesses, and faults render you unusable and ineffective in the eyes of God. You're striving earnestly to perfect yourself and present a more appealing image to the Lord.

However, let me convey to you what the Lord has impressed upon me: He is drawn to those who are broken and in need of His healing touch. Please, set aside the glue, for it is He who is breaking and reshaping you.

Embrace the shattered and torn pieces of yourself, for it is in that vulnerability that you will find solace in His embrace and place full trust in His strength.

He has witnessed you be shattered and then hastily reassemble yourself. He breaks you once more, and you rush to piece yourself together, attempting to refine the image. You've taken on the roles of both potter and clay simultaneously.

You believe He desires a flawless image of you framed in perfection, when in truth, what He seeks is the genuine brokenness within you. Therefore, He must break you again, and this relentless cycle continues until you become weary and surrender.

He wants you to understand that the potter does not require your assistance during this phase, in shaping His masterpiece. Rest in Him.

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