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“A person’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great people.” Proverbs18:16

Your gift is holding open a large door for you, waiting for your arrival. However you are nowhere to be found because you are chasing passion, education, somebody else’s vision and money.

You know what your gift is but you won’t follow it because you don’t see how it could make any money or sustain you.


The definition of “make room”: Move aside or move something aside to allow someone to enter or pass or to clear space for something. Rearrange or organize existing people, objects, furniture, belongings, etc., to create space for new objects. to open a space, way, or passage; to remove obstructions; to give room

Your gift will move those things aside that are blocking you. You can’t see clearly now because something is in the way. I challenge you to make a u-turn and start using your gift.

Get your gift out of the unemployment line!

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