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We weren't meant to spend a lifetime discovering our flaws only to embark on a self-help journey towards redemption.

The intended path was swift acknowledgment of our imperfections, followed by reaching for the redemption found solely in Jesus. Once found, our next steps lead us to recognizing that we, as we knew ourselves in the past, are obsolete. The pre-Christ edition of us is outdated.

We become the protagonists of our own Sci-Fi narrative, birthing a new creation that craves full expression in us. Anything less and we cheat ourselves out of the fullness of life that our Creator designed for us.

We were given an instruction manual to explain to us how this new creation finds expression but yet we see it as an outdated book of can and can’t rules that are contrary to our happiness.

The prevailing misconception suggests that a fulfilling life is crafted externally when the truth of the matter is that life can only come from a life source and is designed and built within and shared or expressed without.

When we live from the inside out, allowing the “Christ in me”, “the anointed one” to show up and express himself, then we begin to occupy our rightful places.

However, we have not always been taught how to do this. We have focused on having a once a week obligation to a far away God and if we don’t do it then He will get mad at us and send us to a place that burns with fire.

Yet, the narrative is that our benevolent Creator sought to replicate Himself within a species known as humanity. He nurtured them in a garden and then placed them on a planet where they would have dominion. With an eternal umbilical cord, humans were intended for ongoing fellowship with Him.

So where do we go from here? Stay tuned. More in 2024.

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