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The word of God and the promises of God operate automatically when we fulfill the conditions. We don’t have to beg God to fulfill His word or shout the promises out loud 10 times in order for them to work. Just meet the condition which will set in motion the result. The word of God works 100% of the time.

The problem is that we think we know what the scriptures mean even when the language is composed of simple words. The truth is we have to get Gods definition of what is being said which often is not our definition. This means we have to dig through the bible and look for examples and similar situations that portray that scripture. This will cost us our time which many are not willing to give. If I made the statement that God is smarter than us, then many would agree. Yet we rely on our logical, common sense intelligence to define Gods word when He already told us that we don’t think like Him and His thoughts are HIGHER THAN our thoughts.

I’ve seen this first hand in my own life. I prayed, confessed, shouted and spit out a particular promise of God for years with very little to no results. Sometimes it worked but for those times I think it was God having mercy on me that was working. Many won’t be honest and say that outloud. They are still pretending that the word is working 100% in their life. I’m going to be real and say that was not the case with me although that’s what I wanted to happen.

Then the Holy Spirit opened my eyes and I stopped leaning to my own understanding of the scripture and I began to research it word by word in the bible. Notice I didn’t say I gathered up commentaries and other books. While I am not against other books, why would I exchange my understanding for another mans understanding when they are both faulty? I needed Gods understanding.

If I found something during my search that I didn’t understand, I would ask the Holy Spirit to explain it to me, which I found Him very eager to do. (Look either God is real and talks to His people or He ain’t. If He isn’t real, then I have other things to do than serve some fairytale person. Thankfully, I have found Him to be very real.)

Piece by piece I began to see the scripture in whole new light. The more I learned about it, the hungrier I became to learn more. With the help of other scriptures, the Holy Spirit unfolded the meaning of it to me. I learned how to meet the condition of the scripture which I was not doing before. Now I see the fruit of this scripture every single time I use it. EVERY SINGLE TIME. No more throwing darts blindfolded.

I challenge you to become a student of His word and experience His wisdom. When we meet the conditions of His word, we will see the manifestations of His promise – every time.

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